A Snippet…. Pro-Miss-cuous Lily


The prompt for Wicked Wednesday this week is our teenage years….

This didn’t require much thought for me, just thought I would bring you a snippet of my diary, age 17. I was a little rebellious, oh and quite a slut!

(Parents, I apologise in advance, I was probably the teenage girl you fear your daughter might turn into in your worst nightmare!)


I can’t really put into words how exciting this is. How excited he makes me feel. Shit, he makes my insides squirm and my heart go fast!

He was here earlier, with W and E. They all left together, he had to go with them as he didn’t want to raise suspicion, I mean he has been together with E for a long time, even if they are now ‘on a break’ whatever that means.

But he came back!!!!!!!!

Fuck, he almost frightened the fucking life out of me tapping on the window, it was almost midnight. I jumped out of my skin. I looked up and his beautiful eyes were there in the window, just shining at me. I had to be absolutely silent sneaking out, mummy was asleep (or maybe not) but I managed it, without even waking the dog! Hah! Master of stealth!

He grabbed my hand and pulled me with him, breaking into a sprint as we legged it up the road. Couldn’t risk anyone seeing us, we got to the end of the street lights and we stopped, then fuck, he pulled me into him and stroked the hair from my face and kissed me. ME! He kissed me and god it was amazing. His lips were soft, his tongue hot, he held my hair and I loved it.

We walked on to the bridge on the way out of the village, the river running below us, he lifted me onto the cold stone and carried on kissing me while he stroked my breasts, my tummy, my thighs. I was so excited. I felt his hard cock through his jeans, my GOD it was just amazing, and so hard so quick!

He undid my trousers, giggling with me about being caught. I was half expecting mummy or E to walk round the corner and scream at us. The adrenaline made it so fucking amazing, the risk, the buzz. I unzipped him and slid my hand into his pants, fuck! He has the most enormous cock!!!! His fingers pushed down my trousers and stroked me through my knickers. Then he slid them to one side and slid his finger into me, oh it was amazing.

I got off the bridge and properly undid him, getting his cock out and then I sucked him until he groaned and got even bigger! He had a condom and I put it on, then he lifted me back onto the bridge, lifted my leg and he was inside me, hard and HUGE!!!!! Oh god, it was so big, I don’t think I have ever felt anything like it.

We rocked and the he shagged me harder until he came, and my he came hard. I didn’t but he saw to that. Sliding out of me and fingering me until I had an amazing ‘O’ ha! Right there on the bridge!

He hugged me tight and kissed me and whispered he wouldn’t say anything until I wanted him to. We did up our clothes and walked quietly back through the village. He kissed me again outside my house and I crept back inside. He had to walk 4 miles home!!!

I locked the door and crept upstairs, it was already 1.30am! Shit, time flies when you are having fun! Oh I really like him. I cant wait to see him again! Although I don’t know how we will top that shag! So that was yesterday, well this morning…. better not leave you lying around where mummy or C can find you!!!


I have typed this from my diary *dies* at ‘big ‘O’!!! Buahahahaha!

Come on you filthy lot, join us and be Wicked over at Rebel’s Notes!!!

8 thoughts on “A Snippet…. Pro-Miss-cuous Lily

  1. Jana says:

    i LOVE that you still had that diary and that you shared this with us. The whole entry just buzzes with teenage enthusiasm and joy and huge bundles of hornyness ^.^ Ah.. to be a teenager again..

  2. Clive says:

    LOL now that was ‘real teenager’ Where were you when I was growing up Lilly, :)

  3. Molly says:

    I stopped writing my diary when I was younger as I was fairly sure my Mum was reading it. I know I read her one…. and was very disappointed to never ever find anything of interest in it as all.


  4. I have never kept a diary, but now that I have read this, I wish I had. Lovely. You were one naughty girl in your teens. Loved it!
    Rebel xox

  5. KaziGrrl says:

    Aren’t finding old entries a hoot? I never had anything so juicy at that age, as i didn’t start keeping a journal till my 20s and I never recounted my sheet tales. But it’s still fun looking back to see where my head was at ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. I wish my diary had been filled with stories like that. I would have loved it .. and now I want to find the nearest bridge and have some fun.

  7. Mia says:

    I never kept a diary, probably a good thing for me!!! Lol

    Love yours though, I wonder how many other naughty entries like this one there are…????

    ~Mia~ xx

  8. Wonderful post! Even at a younger age, you capture your sexual exploration with great attention to detail, spinning a story that is simultaneously sweet, hopeful, and very erotic!

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